The Internet Guide to Wine and Frequently Asked Questions was produced and designed by the the authors. If you like what you see and are interested in your own web page for personal or business use, contact us by sending us e-mail at For web browsers that support mail replies, you can also click here. We like to think that we provide very special and personal service. By the way, the FAQ was begun pretty much before the onslaught of the World Wide Web. It was originally designed for the basically text applications in Usenet. Vestiges of that design remain. Since the FAQ is an on-going project, we're changing as we go!

We've tried not to be overly flashy with this FAQ. The idea is to provide content, not demonstrate all the fancy bells and whistles a browser can accomplish (no matter how annoying!). To the web designers who send us solicitations on re-doing the FAQ, thanks, but we aren't looking for glitz here. Maybe we'll change our minds later. For the time being, at least, we've made a very conscious decision, for example, not to use "frames" (where, we suppose, you can be surrounded ad nauseum with all links at every turn).

This being a "hyper-text" document, there are many ways to approach it. The Table of Contents provides a nice overview. The Index gives direct links to every word we think is important (and probably a lot that aren't--you be the judge).

For fast browsing we have place a "previous" and "next" link in the top right hand corner of each page. This way you can skip through pages without going to the bottom of each page. We like that one a lot!

The FAQ is best viewed with a Netscape browser. In order to rush this version onto the web, we've not taken all the glitches out when viewed by other browsers (for example, some odd left margins in Internet Explorer). We'll be working on it.

Comments are always welcome.

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