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I would like to acknowledge those who have provided special assistance, and please forgive me (and e-mail me) for anyone I have forgotten! A lot of mail has been received and not all of it has been sifted through, yet. So far, thanks to John Bailin, Mike Christensen, Peter Curran, Thomas Hill, Mark Levesque, Jim Karegeannes, Sandra Kidd, Daniel Harris Lapin, Jason Brandt Lewis (who was kind enough to send me an entire f.a.q. on port--which hasn't been included yet--as well as detailed information used in "Fine Print, U.S. Style", Gloria Mercado-Martin, Matthew Mitchell, David Murphy, Marcelo Portnoy, Bill Rohwer, David Tan, John Thorngate, Roy Wilkinson. Some asked not to have their names included, our anonymous thanks are given. Some merely sent small notes with little additions, others provided large amounts of material. All of it was necessary and appreciated!

A very special thanks to Paul S. Winalski who clearly spent a great deal of time pointing out and providing changes for a number of specific areas of the FAQ. His knowledge of wine and willingness to consistently help out the Internet community is appreciated and I thank him for myself and on behalf of all those who have learned from him.

Also special thanks to Jarrett Paschel who first made the FAQ available on the World Wide Web.